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The Wild Horses at Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island is magical. From the ruins to the wild horses, everyone should visit Cumberland Island at least once.

Plum Orchard-Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island, Camden County, Georgia

Built in 1898, this Georgian Revival home was built for George and Margaret Carnegie by George’s mother, Lucy. This grand home, at 22,000 square feet, features an indoor pool, a squash court, and many other features considered cutting edge at the time it was built.

In 1971, the home was donated to the National Park Foundation by the Carnegie family.

Alberty House-Cumberland Island, Georgia

Located on the north end of Cumberland Island is an area where freedmen and women lived after the Civil War. This area, known as The Settlement, contains a few extant buildings.

The Roger Alberty House, built-in 1900, sits next to the First African Baptist Church. The Alberty family was one of the original families who made this area into a community.

Backside of house

High Point Cemetery-Cumberland Island, Georgia

Camden County

High Point Cemetery is located on the north end of Cumberland Island. Despite it being started in 1825, it serves as a mixed race cemetery where important early families are buried.

Based on other photos, this cemetery is cleaned but on an inconsistent basis.

First African Baptist Church-Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island, Camden County, Georgia

It’s most known for being the wedding location of John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette. This one-room church was established in 1893 in the area known as The Settlement, where many men and women born into slavery made their home after the Civil War.

This building was rebuilt in the 1930s and sits on the island’s north end.