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Jammie Seay House-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Jammie Seay was a Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia who relocated to Spartanburg after the war. The Seay House was built sometime between 1780-1800. It is the oldest house in the Spartanburg city limits. The rear ell and porch were later additions.

Central Hallway Cottage-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Built in 1885, this home served the as the local Methodist parsonage. It was moved to its current location in 1907. It’s a contributing property to the Hampton Heights Historic District.

W. P. Irwin House-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Completed by 1891, the W. P. Irwin house is the oldest home in the Hampton Heights Historic District. Irwin was a railroad executive and was listed as the Chair of the Railroad Commission in 1888.

His brother, Arthur Irwin, built a home in the same neighborhood.

Montgomery House-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Built in 1911 by Walter S. Montgomery (Spartan Mills), this Queen Anne has been called home by several families. Notably, the Oren L. Brady family and descendants (Treasurers of Spartanburg) lived here from 1937 to the 1980s.

In earlier photos, the home was painted white. The current paint color draws out the cornice detail.

I am also fond of how into Halloween the current residents are.