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The Prince of Peace Episcopal Church-Vienna, Georgia

Constructed in 1903, the Prince of Peace Episcopal Church was originally located on Cotton Street, but it is now located on School Drive on the Vienna School campus. By the 40s, it was no longer used as a church and became the home of Aunt Genie’s Kindergarten. The building has recently been restored and is now home of the Vienna Cultural Center.

Vienna County Training School-Vienna, Georgia

The Vienna County Training School, also known as the Vienna High and Industrial School or Vienna School, was built in 1926 for $17,000. It was built in the six-teach type community plan. The school was in use until 1970. From 1970 to 2004, the building was used for a state-funded program. A larger, more modern school was added behind the main building in 1954.

This is one of two shop buildings on the campus. This was built in 1926.
Inside shop building number 1
Student names etched in the stone steps leading up to the shop building

Lilly School-Lilly, Georgia

In the Educational Survey of Dooly County (1922), the state of Georgia noted there were five teachers for ten grades. L. D. Singleton (principal), Mary Hughes, Alma Wood, Louise West, and Alberta Lilly were responsible for the education of 100 students.

At the time of the assessment, there were five classrooms with an auditorium and the building was worth $4000.

It is a contributing building to the Lilly Historic District.