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Allen Grave House-Jasper County, Georgia

The Allen Cemetery is family cemetery located in Jasper County, Georgia. The gate to the cemetery is locked, but FindAGrave identifies this as the gravesite of John (1815-1891) and Nancy (1816-1882) Allen. John and Nancy are the parents or in-laws of everyone buried in the cemetery.

Euhaw Baptist Church, South Carolina

Grahamville, Jasper County

From the historical marker, “Established on Edisto Island about 1686 by Scotch dissenters, this is the second oldest Baptist organization in the South. For many years a branch of First Baptist Church in Charleston, Euhaw declared itself a separate church in 1745 after relocating to this vicinity from Edisto Island. A sanctuary was built 6 mi. NE in 1751; it burned in 1857. The first sanctuary on this site was built in 1860. It burned in 1904 and was replaced by the sanctuary in 1906, which is still used for occasional services. The present sanctuary nearby was built in 1982.”

The church was built for the wealthy planters who used Grahamville as a summer home. The sanctuary was built to hold over a 1000 people, most of those seats being taken by the enslaved people of the church members.

Warren Academy-Monticello, Georgia

Jasper County
The front view through the trees.

This is the Warren Academy which used to sit next to Mount Olive Church. Founded in 1875, it was one of the few schools in Jasper County at the time. I have been unable to determine the relationship between the church and school, but I am assuming that the school children attended both the church and school.

The side view
This photo was identified as the children of Warren Academy. I believe they are in front of Mount Olive Church because the doors and windows do not match.
The soil map that indicates the school and church.

Adgateville Baptist Church and School-Adgateville, Georgia

Located in Jasper County, the congregation began in 1812 as Hebron Primitive Baptist Church. The current church building was built in 1915.

This building started out as the Adgateville School. It now serves as a fellowship hall for the church.