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Lowery Cemetery-Laurens County, Georgia

This cemetery was at the end of a very long dirt road. I had put it on my list to visit after seeing an image of Matthew Cadwell’s marker. His epitaph reads, “Killed by lightning upon his horse.” I do not see it often, but I like documenting markers whenI do find ones that share how a person. It made be seen as macabre, but it has a bluntness that I appreciate.

Additionally, the cemetery had several folk headstones that seemed to be made of sandstone. Time is making them fade quicker than most markers.

Mathew Cadwell, 1858-1888
Silas Browning, 1819-188?
Teresa A. J?, 1878-1885

Martha Griffin Marker at Brownoh AME Church-Calhoun Falls, South Carolina

The marker of Martha Griffin (1874-1933) utilizes marbles set in concrete for a handmade headstone. Folk art headstones using marbles can frequently be found in rural church cemeteries.

Folk Art Headstone-Roswell, Georgia

Fulton County

This headstone is in the Historic Roswell Cemetery. There is no name to be located. I suspect it was on the part that is now missing at top. Below is the backside that looks like six panels are missing. It’s in a section where the markers are from 1900 to 1930.

Walker Grove Baptist Church-Keysville, Georgia

Burke County
Louise Randell (1872-1930) This was likely made by the same marker company who made the Alex Steadman marker at Smith Grove Missionary Baptist Church.
I believe the same person who made the Annie McCloud ledger in Smith Grove Missionary Baptist Church also made this one.