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Sara Louise Little monument at Crawford Cemetery-Crawford, Georgia

Oglethorpe County

Sara Little (1898-1902) is a sweet Victorian marker that her grieving father had made in her likeness. Supposedly the mother was a seamstress and would fancy clothes as detailed as the ones on the monument.

Every time I visit, there are different items left behind for Sara.

I’ve read one account that the grandparents had a likeness of her painted into their ceiling. It’s not something I believe. If anyone has proof, please share.

Maxeys Country Store, Georgia

Maxeys, Oglethorpe County

This building used to sit at the center of town in Maxeys, Georgia. Unfortunately, it burned a few months after I took this photo. The Winkles, the couple who ran the store, lived in the back. Mr. Winkle, a former mayor of the town, lost his life battling the fire which happened in January 2021.

A. J. Gillen Department Store, Georgia

Maxeys, Oglethorpe County

Built in 1908, the AJ Gillen Department Store was known as Macy’s of the South. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Maxeys, but there was a movement towards restoration. In 2018, it was listed as a Place in PPeril by the Georgia Trust. It’s a lovely building with superb detailing.