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Leighton County Training School

Leighton, Colbert County, Alabama

The front facade of the Leighton County Training School sits just off the edge of town in Leighton, Alabama. It was a five-teacher type school built by Rosenwald funds. Built in 1928 for $10950, it served the Black community until 1970. It closed and reopened as the local middle school. It stayed open until 1994.

Singer Percy Sledge is a graduate. It’s on the Alabama Historical Register

Whiting Clock Monuments

Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama
Abby Ann Whiting, 1820-1866
James Whiting, 1828-1870

Both monument stand next to each other with the words, “Erected by their mother.” Their mother, Susan, passed away in 1876. The poignant angel weeks and the clocks, with their hands inching towards midnight, illustrate Victorian iconography.

These monuments can be found in the Church Street Graveyard in Mobile, Alabama. While a small cemetery, there are many interesting monuments contained within its walls.