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Brown’s Grove CME Church and School-Milledgeville, Georgia

Baldwin County

Established in 1871, the Brown’s Grove CME Church is located just outside of Milledgeville. The first pastor was Reverend Gideon Hill. The school was founded in 1896. The first teacher was J. C. Raiford. Oftentimes when I have photographed two story school buildings, they were also used as a fraternal lodge. I have not determined if that is the case here or not.

The property also has a small cemetery and a more modern building.

Bold Springs CME Church and School-Jackson, Georgia

Butts County

As of August 2022, the school has been dismantled.

Bold Springs CME Church was founded on February 20, 1874, when the trustees of the church, Willie Moreland, Clark Bell, and Sam Stillwell, purchased the land from Charles Sims, a local farmer.

Initially, the church served as both a school and a place of worship. The congregation is uncertain of when the two-room school was built. They messaged my page on Facebook asking for help. They were initially going to tear it down, but they now would like to try to save it. They need help since they are a small, aging congregation.

Based on newspaper articles, I know the church was built before 1930 and used until 1958 when school consolidation happened. Based on similar buildings I’ve seen around the state, I am dating it in the late 1910s. For any architectural experts who can determine more with the photos below, please let me know.

According to the trustee I met, the original white clapboard church is under the church. This structure was built around 1902 after a fire burned down the church.

Brown Chapel CME Church-Perry, Georgia

Macon County

Located on the outskirts of Perry, the Brown Chapel CME is likely a church founded over 100 years ago based on the headstones in the cemetery. Many of the headstones had been covered in latex paint, which will likely cause more damage to the ledgers and headstones.