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Kinlaw Rosenwald School, Camden County

In celebration of its 100th year, descendants of students who attended Kinlaw Rosenwald School are restoring this 3-teacher type school. Once the restoration is complete, this school will serve the Kinlaw community for years to come.

When I visited with my friend, Brian, we were lucky enough to meet one of the men helping go restore the building, Marshall Glover. You can read more about the school and donate money by visiting the school’s site.

Poplar Spring School, Fulton County

The Poplar Spring School sits on the grounds of the Poplar Spring United Methodist Church. Built when the church was a part of Campbell County, this is a beautiful example of a one-teacher type school.

The church began in 1867 in a brush arbor. This is at least the third physical structure the church has had in it’s history. You can read more of their history on the chirch’s website. Outside of the church and school, there is a small cemetery and picnic area on the church grounds.

Barney Colored Elementary School, Brooks County

Built in 1933 in Brooks County, Georgia, this school was built with Rosenwald funds to serve Black school children of the county. The Morven Alumni Association, another Rosenwald School in the county, fund raised and helped get the building restored. This school building operated from 1933 to 1959. It now serves as a community building for Barney, Georgia and the surrounding towns. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Unity Grove School, Henry County

The Unity Grove School began in approximately 1891 to serve the Black students of Henry County, Georgia. In 1931, the school received Rosenwald funds to rebuild the school after it had fell into disrepair. It was rebuilt for $2527. It is a two-teacher type school. It was in use until 1954.

Catawba School, York County

Built in 1924, the Catawba School is a Rosenwald School in York County, South Carolina. This two-teacher type school was built for $3200. It was one of at least 22 schools built in the county to educate the Black children of the county. It stayed open until 1956. This is one of two documented schools still standing and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Carroll School, York County

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018, the Carroll School sits in York County, South Carolina. The three-teacher type Rosenwald school stayed open until 1954. Restored within the last few years, the Rock Hill school district uses it as a place to educate fifth-grade students about segregation and education in South Carolina.

Hope Rosenwald School, Newberry County

Built in 1925 for $2,200, the Hope School located in Pomaria, South Carolina is a two-teacher plan school. The school was open until 1954, but then it was closed after the consolidation of public schools. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

Cusseta Industrial School, Chattahoochee County

Built in 1929, the Cusseta School, as it was known originally, is a two-teacher type school sitting on the edge of town in Cusseta, Georgia. It was built for $2973. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.

Fairview-Brown Colored School, Floyd County

Built in 1924, Fairview Brown served as the school for Black school children in Cave Springs, Georgia. After it was no longer used, the school fell into disrepair and what was left was the First Grade Classroom Building. The Georgia Trust put it on its 2011 Places in Peril List. It was listed with the National Register in 2017. Restoration was complete in 2019.