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Hank Aaron at South-View Cemetery, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County

Dudley Cemetery, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County

Located in southwest Atlanta, there is quite a large cemetery lost into a hill of a neighborhood. It’s been identified as the Dudley Cemetery. Based on old obituaries, it seems to have a tie to the Philadelphia Baptist Church due the frequency of notices that indicated services at the church and burial at the cemetery.

From the base of cemetery, a dozen or so headstones can be seen. There are many depressions in the earth. I would guess over 100 burials are hidden in the hillside.

If you go, don’t trespass. It is privately owned land. I went with someone who knows one of the owners.

Philadelphia School, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County

Built around 1938, the Philadelphia School is tied to the freedman’s church, Philadelphia Baptist Church. The church was founded in 1875. The land where this school sits was purchased in 1883. Records show there were teachers associated with the church by 1885. Unfortunately, in April 1936, a fire in the schoolhouse spread to the chapel and destroyed both buildings.

Old Rico School, Georgia

Chattahoochee Hills, Fulton County

Located in the community once known as Rico, the “Old” Rico School was built before 1900 and was in use until 1932 when a new school was built just down the road. It was a four-room schoolhouse with a central hallway. It was turned into a single home dwelling that is now abandoned.

Rico Scout Hut, Georgia

Chattahoochee County, Fulton County

The Rico Scout Lodge served the community of Rico as a general store, post office, Masonic lodge, and a place where the local civic club. Built around 1898 by James McMillan, it served as the main gathering place for locals. In 2019, the owner gifted the building to the city of Chattahoochee Hills.

Yates-Jones House, Georgia

Chattahoochee Hills, Fulton County

Built around 1879, William Yates built this Italianate in an area formerly known as Rivertown. By 1893, William Yates fell into financial trouble due to a national financial panic. James Jethro Jones eventually purchased the house from the bank in 1894. The home has been expanded twice.

The Herndon Family, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County
The Herndon Home Museum

Completed in 1910, the Herndon Home was the residence of Alonzo Herndon and his family. Herndon was the first Black millionaire in Atlanta, and one of the first in the United States. He built his wealth by running several successful barbershops in Atlanta and starting the Atlanta Family Life Insurance Company.

Herndon was born into slavery in 1858 in Social Circle, Walton County, Georgia. After Emancipation, he left Social Circle and began work as a farmhand and learned how to barber in Jonesboro, Georgia.

He eventually moved to Atlanta where he began his barbershop business. He helped save a mutual aid association which eventually evolved into the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

Atlanta Life Insurance Building on Auburn Avenue

Designed by Adrienne Herndon, a professor at Atlanta University and Alonzo’s first wife, the two-story, 15-room Classical Revival mansion with Beaux Arts influences, was built by local Black craftsmen. It was simultaneously added on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2000.

Upon his death, Herndon’s son Norris took over Atlanta Life Insurance and built upon his father’s success by turning it into a multi-million-dollar business.

The Herndon family are all buried in Southview Cemetery.

Coins left on a grave are left to show that someone recently visited and paid their respects.
Alonzo Herndon’s second wife

Folk Art Headstone, Georgia

Roswell, Fulton County

This headstone is in the Historic Roswell Cemetery. There is no name to be located. I suspect it was on the part that is now missing at top. Below is the backside that looks like six panels are missing. It’s in a section where the markers are from 1900 to 1930.

Poplar Spring School and Church, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County

The Poplar Spring School sits on the grounds of the Poplar Spring United Methodist Church. Built when the church was a part of Campbell County, this is a beautiful example of a one-teacher type school.

The church began in 1867 in a brush arbor. This is at least the third physical structure the church has had in it’s history. You can read more of their history on the chirch’s website. Outside of the church and school, there is a small cemetery and picnic area on the church grounds.

Cook Caldwell General Store, Georgia

Friendship Community, Fulton County

The Friendship Community is now part of the area in Fulton County known as Chattahoochee Hills. It’s not far from Palmetto. Homer Cook started the general store around 1890 and ran it until 1954. Jewell Caldwell, Homer’s sister, took over when her brother passed away. According to a Cook descendant, their family stayed in the area until the boll weevil came to the area.

Out in the Rain Fountain, Georgia

Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

The Out in the Rain Fountain sits not too far from the Oakland Cemetery Visitor’s Center. It was founded by J. L. Mott Iron Works in 1913 and copied from a Galloway & Graff sculpture originally made in 1876.

It’s listed on the Smithsonian’s Save Outdoor Sculpture database.