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Fairfield AME Church, Georgia

Jackson, Butts County

Founded in 1868, the Fairfield AME Church sits on the outskirts of Jackson, Georgia in Butts County.

Willie Compton, 1896-1971-This is one of the newer vernacular markers I’ve photographed.
Lue Berry, 1861-1915

Lofton AME Church, Georgia

Wrens, Jefferson County

The establishment of the Lofton Circuit started with the organization of Lofton Church in 1840. The building was constructed in 1879. It was first united with Thompson Springhill AME Church in Matthews, Georgia.

In 1874, Springfield began conducting services under a brush harbor. It was given the name Stone Springfield. In 1905, their church was built.

Sandvalley or Sand Valley AME Church was built in 1892 under the leadership of Rev. J.H. Hillis. It was originally called Old Bethel AME Church.

Around 1896 the three churches were joined to form a circuit. Since Lofton AME was the oldest of the three churches, this union was named the Lofton Circuit.

Pleasant Hill AME Church, North Carolina

Cowee, Macon County, Georgia

Located in Cowee, or Too Cowee, North Carolina, Pleasant Hill AME Church was started in 1874. Prior to the Civil War, Cowee was home to a significant population of freedmen and women and enslaved people. After the Civil War, Cowee had the most significant population of Black families in this part of Western North Carolina. This church building was built in 1929 and restored in 2009. While the church is no longer active, the cemetery is still used. This church is part of the Cowee Historic District for Macon County, North Carolina.

St. Andrews AME Church, Georgia

Screven County, Georgia

At the moment, the only information I know is that the church was founded in 1868, and the building was erected in 1914. I know they were an active congregation prior to COVID.

My assumption is that this was a Masonic lodge or school, perhaps both.

Sandy Grove AME Church and School, Georgia

This church was formed after the Civil War. The first church building was built in the early 1900s. The one-room school was likely built right after the main church building was built. It’s a rare pre-Rosenwald school that is still standing.

Alice Walker Home and Church, Georgia

Putnam County, Georgia

On a rural road in Putnam County, Georgia, Alice Walker’s childhood home and church can be visited. While the house where she was born no longer stands, her family’s home is still standing.

Ward’s Chapel AME was built in the late 1800s. Thanks to a community effort the church has been restored in the last few years. This was Alice Walker’s church. Many of her ancestors, including her parents, rest in the cemetery across the road.