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Giddens School-Dodge County, Georgia

Located east of Eastman in Dodge County, Georgia, the Giddens School is a bit of a mystery. The sign says, “1883 established 1947 1985.” I found an old history book about Dodge County, and there is no mention of it. The Giddens School is not mentioned. I imagine the school was established in 1883 and ceased existence as a school in 1947. I can only guess what the third date means. This may or may not be a Rosenwald, but the Fisk site is down to check (even though that site is incomplete.). Either way, this school architecture didn’t become prominent until the 1920s.

Pickett-Fischel House-Chester, South Carolina

Built in 1858 by George and Joseph Pickett, this property is a contributing property to the Chester Historic District. Notes about the house on the South Carolina Department of Archives and History state the Fischel family owned it for six generations starting in 1960. I believe this to be a typo because the Fischel family was living at the address in 1900.

1986 photo courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History