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Culverton United Methodist Church-Culverton, Georgia

The congregation of the Culverton United Methodist Church was formed in 1881. The current church building was completed in 1911.

The church is no longer active as of 2016.

Summertown United Methodist Church-Methodist, Georgia

The Summertown United Methodist Church was built in 1891. This church is a modest example of Carpenter Gothic architecture. The white board and batten are hallmarks of this style.

The church was active until 1995 when the Methodist Conference dissolved the congregation.

Eton United Methodist Church-Eton, Georgia

Located in Murray County, Georgia, is the town of Eton. Built in 1930, the Eton United Methodist Church is a Colonial Revival structure. This building is no longer used for church services. The current church meets in a larger, more modern building across the street.

Fairview Methodist Church-Rydal, Georgia

The congregation of Fairview Methodist Church began in 1882 under the leadership of Tom Upshaw. The historic Black congregation built this Gothic Revival church in 1932 after the first church was severely damaged in a storm.

I am uncertain when the congregation stopped services. There is a very overgrown cemetery behind the church. I could see one marker that had a date of the 1990s on it.

Pierce’s Chapel Methodist Church-Wilkes County, Georgia

front side of a church painted white with two doors to enter sanctuary

Pierce’s Chapel Methodist Church started on the Little River Circuit in Wilkes County and is one of the earlier Methodist meeting houses in the area. The church’s first house of worship was built in 1846. According to church history, the congregation began to fundraise for a new building in 1899. By 1901, they had a new place to worship, which is the building you see today.