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East Macon United Methodist Church-Macon, Georgia

The East Macon United Methodist Church was built on land donated by the Cutter family, one of the first families in the Fort Hill/East Macon neighborhood. This is the second church built on the land after a storm damaged the first one before it was completed. This building was completed in 1880. It is a contributing property to the Fort Hill Historic District.

Beech Springs M. E. Church-Twiggs County, Georgia

Now known as the Beech Springs Methodist Church, the congregation was founded in 1878. It got its name because of a nearby spring that was surrounded by beech trees. At the time of the church’s founding, there were no nearby Methodist churches.

The church was built by Elbert Millirons, a founding member of the church, with the assistance of two Black carpenters, Uzell Sherman and Joe Sears. The first pastor was Julian Toole.

The church was expanded in 1916 to add Sunday school classrooms. In 1931, the building was completely remodeled which you can see on Brian Brown’s Vanishing Georgia site.

Photo and information pulled from History of Twiggs County by the Major General John Twiggs Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Jeffersonville, Georgia.

Market Street Methodist Church-Onancock, Virginia

Built in 1882 as a Carpenter Gothic style church, the building was remodeled in 1898 to become more Victorian Gothic. Based on the designs by Baltimore architect Benjamin B. Owens, the church added several stained glass windows, gabled entrances, and the towers. The brown shingles were also added during this renovation.

It’s a contributing structure to the Onancock Historic District.