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John I. Blackburn Presbyterian Church, Georgia

Keysville, Burke County

Tied to the Boggs Academy in Keysville, the Blackburn Church began as the Morgan Grove Presbyterian Church in 1907. Five children began school in the church building. Unfortunately, in 1930, the building was destroyed by fire. A new church was built due to the generosity of the Blackburn family. An addition was added in 1962.

The building constructed in 1930
The grave of Reverend Phelps, who founded the school.

Mt Carmel Presbyterian Church, South Carolina

Mount Carmel, McCormick County, South Carolina

Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church sits atop a small hill in Mount Carmel, South Carolina. It creates a picturesque view along the road. The church was built in 1890, and the congregation used it until the 1950s.