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Higdon Hotel-Reliance, Tennessee

Higdon Hotel was built in 1878 by Harriet Dodson. By 1883, the place was purchased by the Higdon family. The Higdons expanded it to host the railroad bosses who were overseeing the building of the railroad through Reliance.

Once the railroad was done, it became a resort hotel for people vacationing in the area. When the railroad no longer was the main method of transportation, the hotel went out of business.

In the 1970s, the hotel was purchased by seven friends who worked to stabilize the building with the hopes of reopening it again. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to complete the work.

1914 image of the hotel
Notice the gingerbread details
April 27, 1929 ad in the Knoxville Sunday Journal

Reference: WBIR in Knoxville