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Edge Hill School-Glascock County, Georgia

Edge Hill is a crossroads community in Glasscock County. I have yet to determine location of this Rosenwald school.

Rocky Mount Baptist Church-Rex, Georgia

The church was the spiritual home of Martin Luther King’s grandparents, Celia and James King. According to the church’s website, the church was founded in 1856. There’s a sign in the cemetery that gives the date if 1853, so I am gathering the cemetery predates the church. Either way, this is an early date for a Black church to be in existence.

The grave of his grandparents and his Aunt Ruby

The cemetery also has a handful of Eldren Bailey markers.

Atlanta Constitution Building-Atlanta, Georgia

Some may know this as the Georgia Power Building because they were the second occupants. This Art Moderne building was built in 1947. It was in use until 1982. Unfortunately, it has been vacant ever since. It’s a critical building that needs to be restored. Architect Adolph Wittman designed the building. There have been various plans for the building, but there have been no movements towards restoration.

Photo is courtesy of the Library of Congress and the Historic American Buildings Survey.

The Georgia School of Technology-Atlanta, Georgia

This is an 1898 photo of the Georgia Institute of Technology back when it was known as the The Georgia School of Technology. The building on the right is Tech Tower. The building on the left is the second shop building. It was built in 1892-1893 after the original shop building burned. It cost $12,000 to rebuild the second shop building.

This photo was featured in a book co-published by the Chamber of Commerce and City Council.

Reference: Martin, T. H. Atlanta Chamber of Commerce., Atlanta (Ga.). City Council. (1898). Hand book of the city of Atlanta: A comprehensive review of the city’s commercial, industrial and residential conditions. Atlanta, Ga.: The Southern industrial publishing company.