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Dog Trot-Laurens County, Georgia

I photographed this dog trot on 441 just outside of Dublin, Georgia, in March 2023. Unfortunately, a tree has fallen on it (likely the wisteria-covered one in this photo), and it is seriously damaged.

Jimmy Carter’s Home in Public Housing-Plains, Georgia

When Jimmy Carter left the Navy in 1953, he and Rosalynn Carter returned to live in Plains. Since they had no guaranteed income, they applied to live in public housing. Located at the corner of Paschal and Thomas Streets, they lived in public housing Unit 9A for the first year.

Mill Bethel Missionary Baptist Church-Stewart County, Georgia

While I’ve seen this church identified as an AME church, I believe it to be a Baptist Church. Based on obituaries, it was called this until as late as 2017. I can only locate obituaries that refer to this building as Mill Bethel Church or Mill Bethel Baptist Church. According to an announcement in The Ledger and Enquirer in 1980, the church was celebrating it’s 108th anniversary. While I date the building to the early 1900s, the congregation seems to have been founded in 1872.