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Blooming Grove Methodist Church-Polk County, Georgia

The church is in northwest Georgia near the Alabama border. The congregation was founded in 1856.

The Home of Horace M. Bond-Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Horace Mann Bond was an educator and social activist who spent his final years in Atlanta. After serving as president of Lincoln University, he resigned and began serving as the Dean of Education at Atlanta University.

When he first arrived, he lived on Beckwith Street with his wife, Julia, and their three children, Jane, James, and Julian. By 1967, they lived on Lee Street, now Westview Drive.

Sign outside of apartment building

James and Julian ran successful political campaigns from this apartment building. James was a member of the Atlanta City Council. Julian was the head of the NAACP and SNCC. He served in both houses of the Georgia legislature.

Funny ad from the May 1975 Atlanta Constitution

Julia and Horace are buried in Southview Cemetery. Julian was cremated and his ashes were scattered. I am assuming this is a cenotaph, or some of his ashes are buried here, too.

Lowery Cemetery-Laurens County, Georgia

This cemetery was at the end of a very long dirt road. I had put it on my list to visit after seeing an image of Matthew Cadwell’s marker. His epitaph reads, “Killed by lightning upon his horse.” I do not see it often, but I like documenting markers whenI do find ones that share how a person. It made be seen as macabre, but it has a bluntness that I appreciate.

Additionally, the cemetery had several folk headstones that seemed to be made of sandstone. Time is making them fade quicker than most markers.

Mathew Cadwell, 1858-1888
Silas Browning, 1819-188?
Teresa A. J?, 1878-1885

Martha Griffin Marker at Brownoh AME Church-Calhoun Falls, South Carolina

The marker of Martha Griffin (1874-1933) utilizes marbles set in concrete for a handmade headstone. Folk art headstones using marbles can frequently be found in rural church cemeteries.