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Pine Grove School-Saluda County, South Carolina

Located between Saluda and Ward, South Carolina is the Pine Grove School. Limited information on the school can be found on the South Carolina Picture Project.

Insurance photo courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Old Stone Cemetery-Catawba, South Carolina

This cemetery is located near the entrance to the Landsford Canal State Park. It used to be a part of a Mount Zion Church in Landsford, South Carolina.

The cemetery is not in the best condition. It is surrounded by a stone wall, and the ground is covered with vegetation. According to news stories, the cemetery has faced recent vandalism. From what I could tell, this destruction happened to the headstones closest to the road. This is a critically important cemetery because of the type and age of markers.

This is one of the most interesting 1700s American headstones I’ve seen. While I know it cannot be Art Deco, the design reminds me of Art Deco influences. William Simpson, d. 1777
Jane McFadden, d. 1835
Throughout the cemetery, there were worn-down markers and field stones. Several had these pink flowers placed next to them.
Colonel Robert Patton’s marker. He fought in the Revolutionary War.