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Mill Bethel Missionary Baptist Church-Stewart County, Georgia

While I’ve seen this church identified as an AME church, I believe it to be a Baptist Church. Based on obituaries, it was called this until as late as 2017. I can only locate obituaries that refer to this building as Mill Bethel Church or Mill Bethel Baptist Church. According to an announcement in The Ledger and Enquirer in 1980, the church was celebrating it’s 108th anniversary. While I date the building to the early 1900s, the congregation seems to have been founded in 1872.

R. A. Bedgood House-Arabi, Georgia

The R. A. Bedgood House was the home to the namesake for Arabi, Georgia (R-A-B). Brian Brown of Vanishing Georgia has documented this house twice (here and here), and it is sad to see the slow demolition by neglect. While these photos were taken in early spring, you can see how overgrown and unmanageable the growth is.

Outside of an impressive house, Bedgood has an incredible marker on his cemetery plot.

I photographed these through the broken windows. The mantels were removed.
With the roof breached, this house will deteriorate quicker.
Bedgood’s Office
Random pew in the front yard

Clark Presbyterian Church-Daugherty, Virginia

The congregation for Clark (sometimes Clarke) Presbyterian Church formed in 1894 as one six Presbyterian churches on the Eastern shore of Virginia. The Gothic Revival church was built in 1922. It now sits abandoned with significant damage to the roof.