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Brown Chapel CME Church-Perry, Georgia

Macon County

Located on the outskirts of Perry, the Brown Chapel CME is likely a church founded over 100 years ago based on the headstones in the cemetery. Many of the headstones had been covered in latex paint, which will likely cause more damage to the ledgers and headstones.

Pleasant Hill AME Church-Cowee, North Carolina

Macon County

Located in Cowee, or Too Cowee, North Carolina, Pleasant Hill AME Church was started in 1874. Prior to the Civil War, Cowee was home to a significant population of freedmen and women and enslaved people. After the Civil War, Cowee had the most significant population of Black families in this part of Western North Carolina. This church building was built in 1929 and restored in 2009. While the church is no longer active, the cemetery is still used. This church is part of the Cowee Historic District for Macon County, North Carolina.

Salem Methodist Church-Cullasja, North Carolina

Built in 1875, the Salem Methodist Church, also known as the Old Salem Church, served the small community of Cullasja in Macon County, North Carolina. The vernacular Gothic Revival structure was the third structure on the property. It is currently the second oldest church in the county. In 1976, it became a community center that is still actively used.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Gillespie Chapel-Macon County, North Carolina

Built in the late 1870s, the Gillespie Chapel sits atop a steep hill where the front steps put you close to the edge of the hill. Regular services ended in 1975, but it now serves the Upper Cartoogechaye area as a community space.