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Giddens School-Dodge County, Georgia

Located east of Eastman in Dodge County, Georgia, the Giddens School is a bit of a mystery. The sign says, “1883 established 1947 1985.” I found an old history book about Dodge County, and there is no mention of it. The Giddens School is not mentioned. I imagine the school was established in 1883 and ceased existence as a school in 1947. I can only guess what the third date means. This may or may not be a Rosenwald, but the Fisk site is down to check (even though that site is incomplete.). Either way, this school architecture didn’t become prominent until the 1920s.

Cedar Grove School-Cedar Grove Community, Georgia

The Cedar Grove School was built in the community of Cedar Grove in 1926, and it was expanded in 1939. It served the local community until 1970.

This was likely a teacherage which provided housing for teachers.

While the building resembles a Rosenwald, it is not one. The Rosenwald Schools were publicly available. Many schools used the plans because their designs were easy to implement, and they considered using natural light when some schools may not have electricity.

The red boot advertising the Cedar Grove Opry.

It’s officially now known as the Cedar Grove Community Center. In 2019, the community reopened it after a complete restoration and began to use the auditorium for the Cedar Grove Opry. The sign on the boot says it happened the 2nd Saturday of each month. I suspect that it’s opening near the start of COVID ended the community‘s attempt to his regular entertainment at the school complex.

Campus view

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WMAZ news report on the school

Lowery Cemetery-Laurens County, Georgia

This cemetery was at the end of a very long dirt road. I had put it on my list to visit after seeing an image of Matthew Cadwell’s marker. His epitaph reads, “Killed by lightning upon his horse.” I do not see it often, but I like documenting markers whenI do find ones that share how a person. It made be seen as macabre, but it has a bluntness that I appreciate.

Additionally, the cemetery had several folk headstones that seemed to be made of sandstone. Time is making them fade quicker than most markers.

Mathew Cadwell, 1858-1888
Silas Browning, 1819-188?
Teresa A. J?, 1878-1885