Clyde King House-Atlanta, Georgia

If you’ve visited the King Plow Arts Center, you have visited the site of the company that Clyde King owned. Initially, it was known as the the Atlanta Plow Company, but later the name was changed to the King Plow Company in 1928.

Clyde and his wife, Clara Belle, lived in a brick home at 1010 Ponce de Leon Avenue. Clara loved that house so much that she wanted to be buried in the backyard. Clyde commissioned a monument that replicates the home, so the Kings would be near the home forever. Their final resting place at Oakland Cemetery is adorned with this monument.

Alpha Delta Pi sorority now use the King house for their national headquarters.

Courthouse-Spartanburg, South Carolina

I grew up in Spartanburg and decided to look for old photos in public domain books. It pains me that Spartanburg got rid of the building.

The above building replaced this one.

Reference: Landrum, J. B. (1900). History of Spartanburg County. The Franklin Printing and Publishing Company.

Unknown Cemetery-Georgia

I was looking through the public domain photos and found this one of an unknown cemetery in Georgia. It is believed it was taken in 1899. It was part of W.E.B. DuBois’s personal collection, making me think it could be a Black cemetery. However, those types of markers aren’t frequently seen in the Black sections of cemeteries. Any ideas?

Below are two more shared photos listed as unknown Georgia cemetery that was part of W.E.B. Dubois’s collection. I have zero idea if this is the same cemetery or different ones. Any clues as to what they might be would be great.

I imagine this white picket fence no longer exists around whatever cemetery this could be.

Taliaferro Angel at Bonaventure Cemetery-Savannah, Georgia

I know that Gracie Watson is considered the most famous marker in Bonaventure Cemetery, but the Taliaferro (pronounced Tolliver) Angel is likely my favorite. It catches the best light in Bonaventure.

Marie Barclay Taliaferro (1858-1893) is the daughter of Margaret Marshall and Adalbert Barclay and the granddaughter of Mary and Colonel James Marshall of Marshall House fame. She died at a young age, much like her mother did. Four of her children rest next to her as they did not make it out of infancy/early childhood. If you visit Bonaventure, make sure you visit right when it opens to get the best light.

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