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Liberty Methodist Church-Marion County, Georgia

I identified this as a school or church. Thankfully, Brian Brown at Vanishing Georgia had already identified it. According to this website, the congregation started in 1831.

Shiloh-Marion Baptist Church-Church Hill, Georgia

Marion County

Shiloh-Marion Baptist Church is the only remaining building representing the small community of Church Hill, Georgia. The community was named because of the five churches in the immediate area.

The congregation began in 1812, and the Greek Revival, a one-room church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Archives at Mercer University revealed that prior to the end of the Civil War, there were Black and white members. It is unknown how the enslaved men and women participated in church services. Since there isn’t a separate gallery, it is likely these men and women listened to services outside the church. It is less likely they held their services, separate from the white church members.

There is a cemetery that I will explore at a later time.

Ella’s Grove-Centenary, South Carolina

Marion County

B. F. Davis owned a plantation named Ella’s Grove on the Pee Dee River. As a Confederate soldier, he was captured by Federal troops. Upon his return, he started a store on Ella’s Grove.

Once the river was no longer needed to transport goods, the wooden store was moved closer to town near Centenary. Eventually the brick store was built by his sons. This is what’s left of what can be considered a ghost town.

Palmer School-Centenary, South Carolina

Marion County

Built in the later part of the 19th Century, the Palmer School is the oldest schoolhouse remaining in Marion County. The school and the adjacent cemetery are named after David Palmer, an SC legislature.

It operated until the 1920s educating white school children from the area.

After years of neglect, the school is going under restoration. You can see older photos of the school on the South Carolina Picture Project website.