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Higdon Hotel-Reliance, Tennessee

Higdon Hotel was built in 1878 by Harriet Dodson. By 1883, the place was purchased by the Higdon family. The Higdons expanded it to host the railroad bosses who were overseeing the building of the railroad through Reliance.

Once the railroad was done, it became a resort hotel for people vacationing in the area. When the railroad no longer was the main method of transportation, the hotel went out of business.

In the 1970s, the hotel was purchased by seven friends who worked to stabilize the building with the hopes of reopening it again. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to complete the work.

1914 image of the hotel
Notice the gingerbread details
April 27, 1929 ad in the Knoxville Sunday Journal

Reference: WBIR in Knoxville

Glenn Springs Hotel-Glenn Springs, South Carolina

If you are from Spartanburg County, you might have heard about the healing waters of Glenn Springs that attracted thousands of people a year. The Glenn Springs Hotel was built in 1831 to cater to these visitors. It was destroyed by fire in 1941.

A train would bring vacationers to the Glenn Springs Station. A caravan would bring visitors and their luggage to the hotel. It was a vacation place for the elite and well-connected. Advertisements were placed around the country to attract visitors.

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Hotel Chelsea-New York, New York

This is my first post in the category of “Not Southern, also known as the “Mostly” part of my blog’s tagline. I shot these photos in 2010, a few months before the Chelsea Hotel was sold and went through a multi-year renovation process.

The fireplace is in the room where Madonna filmed her video, “Justify My Love.”

The Chelsea Hotel is located in Manhattan in the Chelsea neighborhood. Built on 23rd Street between 1883-1885, it has been the long-term home for many artists, musicians, and writers over the years. The architecture firm of Hubert, Pirrson & Company designed the twelve-story Queen Anne hotel to be one of the city’s first apartment cooperatives.

The hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. There are many stories that I could share here, but many writers and musicians have told the story of the Chelsea Hotel better than I could. I thought people would want to see photos that I was able to take in 2010.

René Shapshak sculpted this bust of Harry Truman and gave it to the hotel.
A view from the stairwell looking down

Please let me know if you can help me identify the other artists in this image. These artwork pieces were all in the main lobby of the hotel.
One of the beds in the hotel.
The decorated doorway for one of the permanent residents in the hotel.
The stairwell walls were covered with messages from residents and hotel guests.
One of the light fixtures in the lobby of the hotel