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Baby in Half Shell Monument

Katie Lou Bell (1905-1905), Cleveland Cemetery

For approximately fifty years after the Civil War, a popular way to memorialize young children who had passed was a figure resting in a half shell. Prior to 1900, twenty-two percent of all children in the United States died before their first birthday.

The shell can represent a pilgrimage, spiritual protection, and innocence. Using those meetings, it makes sense this became a symbol for child graves.

Wealthier families would employ sculptors to make one that represented their child. Poor families, who wanted their children memorialized, adopted the shell as a way to mark graves when Sears Roebuck offered them in their catalog.

Here is a great academic article about these monuments by Annette Stott.

Cinderella Cooper (1885-1887), Evergreen Cemetery
Harry (1886-1892) and Nellie (1888-1892) Roberts, Kennesaw City Cemetery
April Lee Porterfield (1975-1988), McDonough City Cemetery
Ruby Colley (1899-1890), Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery

The Lady in Black-Marietta, Georgia

Cobb County

Located in the Marietta City Cemetery, this memorial for Mary Annie Gartrell (1853-1906) was erected by her sister Lucy. The grieving sister visited her sister’s grave twice a week, often on foot and in black, for the next 48 years. She became known as the “Lady in Black.”

Concord Cemetery, “The Witch’s Graveyard”-Smyrna, Georgia

I visited this cemetery in 2014. I knew it had been vandalized. It’s supposedly haunted. I did not experience any ghosts, witches, or green fog as mentioned in some of the tales I have read online. I am more inclined to believe the bad energy anyone experiences is caused by seeing a cemetery disrespected.

The only thing I was concerned about were there any vandals in the area. You can see from these photos there was a great deal of damage to headstones. I understand that the cemetery is now locked, and the police regularly patrol the area.