Shepherd-Anderson-Carter-Newton-Glover House-Madison, Georgia

This Greek Revival home is known as the Carter-Newton House, but I chose to use the names of all of the owners, from the builders to the current owners. Built in 1849, the home utilized the foundation of one of the academies that used to call this street home. The first owners, Carter and Nancy Shepherd lived here with their six children.

The next owner of the home was Mary Watson Anderson who moved to Madison after becoming a widower. She asked her niece, Electra Carter and her daughter, Anne, to move into the home. When Mary Anderson passed away, she willed the home to Electa.

A niece from Arkansas, Josie Varner, moved to Madison to live with “Aunt Electa.” Josie married E. T. Newton. Josie and her family moved into the home after living outside of Madison for a few years. The Newtons made several upgrades. They even added a carriage step with their name at the end of the walk. Several generations of the Newtons lived in the home. It was at the point that the house started to be called the “Carter-Newton House.”

The house fell into disrepair after Polly Newton passed away in 2003. In 2021, the Newton sons sold the home to James Glover. The home is currently being restored. In the top photo, you can see that the Newton carriage step has been replaced with one that says, “Glover.” A close-up is below.

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