The Restoration of the Foster-Thomason-Miller-Minnix House-Madison, Georgia

Madison was the first place I visited after moving back to Atlanta ten years ago. I pulled over immediately when I saw this house. If you love old houses, you understand why I needed to take a photo. It was dilapidated, yet beautiful, due to years of neglect and a fire that severely damaged it. In 2018, the Madison-Morgan Conservancy purchased the hosue and stabalized it. The Minnix family purchased it, and they are almost done with the full restoration. I was able to see this home in the Fall Ramble of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Side view of the house with the added kitchen on the right side of the house.
One of several fireplaces throughout the house
Upstairs hallway.
View of the Wade-Porter-Fitzpatrick House through the upstairs window of the house.
A quick video of one of the front rooms
Another quick video

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