This is the side view of Bonar Hall, a brick Georgian style built in 1840.

Bonar Hall-Madison, Georgia

Front view of Bonar Hall

Bonar Hall, a four-over-four traditional Georgian manor house, was completed in 1840 for the family of John Byne Walker. Walker was one of the wealthiest men in Morgan County and one of the largest enslavers in the state with over 200 men, women, and children held in bondage. While the architect of the home is unknown, it is almost certain that slave labor helped make the bricks and help build the home.

During the Civil War, the home served as a makeshift hospital after the Battle of Chickamauga. In 1880, the home was purchased by John Broughton for William Broughton, his song, and his new wife. They added the Victorian details that can be seen on the front porch.

In 1920, Josie Bacon purchased the home in 1920 and named it Bonar Hall after her oldest relative, Charles Bonar. She had grown up in the Carter-Newton House in Madison.

Side view of Bonar Hall
Open air seating area. I am uncertain what this building once was.

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