Odd Fellows Building and Auditorium-Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Sweet Auburn, a historic Black neighborhood in Atlanta, this is one of my favorite buildings on Auburn Avenue. The six-story high tower was opened in 1912, and the two-story annex was opened in 1913. It served as the headquarters for the District Grand Lodge No. 18, Jurisdiction of Georgia, of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America.

The building had businesses at street level, offices in the tower, and a theater. For a time, it was the only movie theater where Black Atlantans could see movies during segregation. Additionally, the roof of the Annex hosted dances and other socials. Some of the early businesses were The Gate City Drug Store, Curry-Hall Haberdasher, Sportsman Smoke House, and Baileys Royal Theater.

Gate City Drugs opened in 1914. The tile work is still visible.

The building has been documented twice for the Historic American Building Survey. Here are some of the photos that can be found on the Library of Congress’s website.

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