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The Lone Star Benevolent Society Hall-Waynesboro, Georgia

Built in 1898, the Lone Star Benevolent Society Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the Black community in Waynesboro, Georgia. Benevolent societies provided death insurance to their members while also providing a place for members to gather. Here is a great article on the history of benevolent societies.

Notice the “lone star” cutouts in the bell tower.

Thank you to Emmett McNair for helping identify this building.

This building sits to the left of the Lone Star Benevolent Society. A Sanborn map indicates that it is part of the hall, but it does not identify its purpose.
This building resembles many early 20th Century early schoolhouses, but I cannot confirm its identity.

Waynesboro Grocery Company, Georgia

Waynesboro, Burke County

Once a wholesale grocery distribution location, the brick building was built in 1898 by local merchants. W. C. Hillhouse managed it. It’s a contributing building to the Waynesboro Historic District.