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Sharon Methodist Church, Georgia

If you’ve never visited Sharon in Taliaferro County, I highly recommend it. Outside of the oldest Catholic church in the state, it also has this beauty, the Sharon Methodist Church.

Springfield Log Cabin School-Taliaferro County, Georgia

Built in 1935, the Springfield Log Cabin School served the Black community in Taliaferro County. It is not a Rosenwald school, but it was built in a similar fashion due to the effectiveness of the different Rosenwald designs.

In 1965, it served as a community as a Freedom School, which educated elementary and high school students to become activists and participate in the Civil Rights Movement.

The Georgia Trust of Historic Preservation listed it as a Place in Peril in 2019. You can follow restoration and fundraising efforts on the school’s Facebook page.

Antioch Baptist Church-Crawfordville, Georgia

Taliaferro County

Built in 1899 by local craftspeople, Antioch Baptist Church was founded by freedmen and women in 1886. The Gothic Revival church sits just off the road in southern Taliaferro County.

There are efforts to stabilize the church, which water has damaged over the years. Former congregation members still return to the church once a year for homecoming.

There is a small graveyard adjacent to the church with burials ranging from 1899 to 2000.

Jennings Baptist Church-Jennings Community, Georgia

Founded in 1894, Jennings Baptist Church can be found in the Jennings Community near Crawfordville, Georgia. As a Jennings, I was curious as to how the church got its name. There are no Jennings buried in the small graveyard.

I dove into census records on Ancestry and found Reverend Littleberry Richard Logan Jennings was a prominent preacher in the area. According to his obituary, he was well-known and preached in Athens, Crawfordville, and other towns in that immediate area. He passed away in 1888 and is buried in the Crawfordville Baptist Church cemetery.

While I cannot confirm that is why the church is named as such, I believe due to its proximity to Crawfordville, that is how the church and community got its name.

Church of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin-Sharon, Georgia

Built in 1883, the Church of the Purification is tied to the oldest Catholic congregation in Georgia. Started in 1790 by several families from Maryland, the congregation began in Locust Grove in Taliaferro County. This church is the third building of the church. The church no longer hosts regular services.