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Cumorah Church-Douglas, Georgia

Coffee County

The Cumorah Church is a rare rural church for practitioners of the Mormon Faith. The Hill Cumorah is where Joseph Smith found the golden plates, hence the name Cumorah Church. Founded in 1907, Mormons, by and large, were not welcome to the state of Georgia. Despite this, the congregation met in this building until the 1970s. It is located just outside of Douglas, Georgia.

Mayor Francis Sweat Monument-Douglas, Georgia

Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia

Mayor Frank Sweat (1866-1910) was the mayor of Douglas, Georgia when he was killed when the car he was traveling in crossed in front of an oncoming train. This memorial is in the Douglas City Cemetery.

The monument utilizes traditional Victorian symbolism. An angel holding an open book and pen is known as the “Recording Angel.”

Peterson Monument-Douglas, Georgia

Coffee County

The Peterson family was one of the founding families of Douglas, Georgia. This monument sits atop a plot for several generations of Petersons. Benajah (1860-1915) and Luvicia (1866-1957) Peterson rest in this plot along with their children and grandchildren.

The woman sits upon rocks which means a life built on a firm foundation.

Eddie Parker Marker-Douglas, Georgia

Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia

While not a fully handmade marker, I classify this as a vernacular marker for Eddie Parker (1976-2002) because whoever made this was using readily available materials to create it. This is located in the Douglas City Cemetery, Coffee County, Georgia.