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First African Baptist Church-Beaufort, South Carolina

The congregation started in 1863 as a praise house called “Baptist Church Colored.” The Gothic Revival church was constructed in 1865 by local freedmen. It is a contributing property to the Beaufort Historic District.

Tabernacle Baptist Church-Beaufort, South Carolina

Tabernacle Baptist Church was built by Beaufort Baptist Church as a meeting house in the 1840s. In 1863, the church was utilized by Reverend Solomon Peck, who brought 500 Black parishioners to start Tabernacle Baptist Church. The church purchased the land from Beaufort Baptist Church in 1867.

The Gothic Revival church was rebuilt in 1893 after a hurricane destroyed it.

It was the church of Robert Smalls. He is buried in the small graveyard.

Wesley United Methodist Church-Beaufort, South Carolina

The Wesley United Methodist Church began as a church in the 1830s. Initially, it was for white parishioners and the people they held in bondage. It transitioned to a church for Black Methodists after the Civil War.

The building was used as a school and had been an active church until recent years.

Sons of Beaufort Lodge-Beaufort, South Carolina

The Prince Hall Masons were founded after the Civil War in South Carolina. Prince Hall (1738-1807) was a free Black leader and abolitionist in Boston. He founded the African Lodge No. 1 with several other men after being denied admission in the St. John’s Lodge. After his death, they renamed themselves the Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

Sons of Beaufort Lodge No. 36 was founded in 1896. The building was initially used by the whole community. The organization bought the building in 1937.