Jennings Trading Post, South Carolina

Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, the Jennings Trading Post is still an active store. Based on my research, it’s been around since at least the 1940s.

Greenberry McCalla (1822-1889), Georgia

Catoosa County

The Greenberry McCalla grave in the Old Stone Church Cemetery in Catoosa County highlights a few different examples of Victorian symbolism.

The grasping hands means the person was married when they passed away. In this case, Nancy McCalla outlived her husband by 28 years.

The closed book resting on the top of the grave means a long life, well lived.

Sloss Furnaces-Birmingham, Alabama

Founded in 1881 by Colonel James Withers Sloss, one of the founders of Birmingham, the Sloss Furnaces was Birmingham’s first blast furnace. The first blast was initiated in April 1882. Ownership changed hands several times until the furnaces closed in 1971.

The furnaces were slated for demolition until concerned citizens advocated for it to be saved. In 1981, they were designated as a National Historic Landmark. It reopened in 1983 to the public. Today the site is known for its concerts, annual haunted “house,” and metal arts classes. Visitors can freely tour the site.

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