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Sunbury Missionary Baptist Church-Sunbury, Georgia

Liberty County

The Sunbury Missionary Baptist Church formed out of the Sunbury Baptist Chirch (c. 1806). During an 1846 census, the church had 161 men and women in bondage that enslaved by the white members of the church.

In June of 1866, this church was founded. they held services until 1918, the it was decided to relocate the church to the current site.

Rahn markers at Midway Cemetery, Georgia

Mary Eliza, Charles Jones, and Thomas Alexander Rahn are siblings who died at a young age. I am uncertain if these markers are 170 years old, but they are the first of this type I’ve seen in the state of Georgia.

Midway Church Cemetery-Midway, Georgia

The Midway Cemetery was started in 1752 alongside the Midway Congregational Church. The cemetery contains markers that represent the many years the cemetery has been active. Victorian reliefs, wooden markers, and crypts are just some of the examples that can be found.

It and the church were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

John Lambert, d. 1786
One of my favorite reliefs
View of the cemetery with obelisk
Reverend Moses Way, d. 1859
Slate marker
Rahn family wooden markers