Sexton’s House-Atlanta, Georgia

This Craftsman-style home is tucked into a corner at the back of Crestlawn Cemetery. For the number of times I have visited this cemetery, I have managed to miss it until recently. Tax records indicate the home was built in 1910. Crestlawn Cemetery wasn’t established until 1916.

The original owners were the Allen family, Cora and Frank and their sons, James and Horace. Frank Allen served as the sexton for Crestlawn Cemetery until his death in 1946. Both James and Horace lived in the home after their parents passed. Horace was the last Allen to live here when he passed away in 1975.

This is the view through the one window that was not boarded up. Sadly, the home is in horrible condition.
This is the storage shed in the yard. I just loved the light with the fall colors.

Credits to Archive Atlanta for the initial information on the house.

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