Keyhole House-Scottdale Mill Village, Georgia

Scottdale Mill Village was founded and built from 1900-1915 in central DeKalb County, Georgia. The village was located just south of Scottdale Cotton Mill, a mill founded by Colonel George Washington Scott in 1900.

The village provided housing and other services for workers and their families. At one point, the Village even had its baseball team. The housing in the village was all very similar, except for this house, which I call the “Keyhole House.”

While modest by Victorian standards, this house is the only two-story house in the village. Its details are also more ornate than the traditional mill houses.

Tax records indicate it was built in 1920, which I believe to be wrong. I would think it was built much closer to 1900. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to find more info on this house.

Newspaper research indicates it was sometimes available for rent. Tax records show it is commercially owned, making me concerned about its future.

I assume that it was the mill foreman’s house. It did not serve as housing for the Scott family. They lived closer to downtown Decatur.

Finally, I was able to locate a proposed historic district delegation application, and the house is included as a contributing property. Yet, there is no history about the house in the packet.

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