The Mystery of the Vernon Johnson School-Wilkinson County, Georgia

This school is identified as the Vernon Johnson School on the Georgia Genealogy Trails, but I question if it is the school in the black-and-white photo below. The heights of the buildings are quite different. If it is the same building, when was the roofline dropped and how?

I’ve also seen the black-and-white image identified as the Clear Creek School, but I believe that was mislabeled.

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Vernon Johnson School-Wilkinson County, Georgia”

  1. Interesting. I think the porch roof creates an optical illusion. If you remove it, i think the height tracks. The second window on the inside of the “L” could have been replaced with a door. But the front has two doors and windows vs. single door in the center. That’s harder to reconcile.

  2. Is it possible that there could have been a fire or something and they had to rebuild a portion? I think it looks like it’s on the same footprint but with changes which could have been possible if they used the existing foundation.

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