Spring Villa-Opelika, Alabama

Side view of Spring Villa featuring white painting and details

On the outskirts of Opelika is a Carpenter Gothic home built by Horace King, master bridge builder, for Mary Ann Godwin Yonge and her husband, William Penn. Mary Ann was the daughter of John Godwin, the man who enslaved Horace King.

Carpenter Gothic is an offshoot of Gothic Revival. They share steep roofs and decorative woodwork that sometimes resembles lace. Carpenter Gothic is usually light in color, frequently white, and made of wood.

Spring Villa was built in two parts. First, in 1850, it was a one-and-a-half-story home for the Yonge family. Then in 1934, the city of Opelika added the rear ell with the help of the Civil Works Administration, a job program created as part of the New Deal. It now serves as a clubhouse and event space for Spring Villa Park.

The rear ell features four pitched windows.

The buildings were once connected by a breezeway, but it was torn down.

Window detail

1934 HABS photo showing the original house being restored
The staircase in a 1934 HABS photo

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