Cobb Cemetery-Macon County, Alabama

I am unable to locate any information beyond what is shared on Findagrave. This cemetery once served the Shiloh AME Church in Macon County.

I love this vernacular marker. The use of concrete and stones with the hand stamping of the angel and the star. This is the marker for George Baker who passed in 1935.

This is the marker for Julia Woodall, 1858-1933. The handwriting and the star are very similar to George Baker’s, so my assumption is that this was done by the same person.

The name had fallen off the silver nameplate that you can see at the top of the photo. I am assuming this was a flower pot used to mark a grave.

There was no visible name, but the length of the spot made me think it might be the grave of a child.

This is an Eldren Bailey marker for Clemmie Felton. The family used the services of Haugabrooks Funeral Home, which was based in Atlanta.

I am only sharing this because when I drove up the dirt road to this cemetery, I thought it was a person leaning against a tree, which scared me.

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