Spann Methodist Church and Cemetery-Ward, South Carolina

Built in 1873, Spann Methodist Church was built to replace a meeting house on the grounds. It is a prime example of a Greek Revival church in a rural setting.

The cemetery began in the 1840s when the original meeting house was constructed. The earliest marker is dated 1842. It served the congregation and became a a burial ground for the citizens of Ward. It includes several Victorian monuments that are also listed on the Smithsonian’s Save Outdoor Sculpture database.

This deer sits outside of the cemetery. Right below the deer, it says Ward and 1857. It was made by the J. W. Fiske Iron Works.
Josephine Ward, 1851-1857
Captain Clinton Ward, 1828-1905
This marker sits outside of the fenced cemetery. I am guessing this honored the Ward family dog. Oddly, the name of the dog isn’t mentioned.
The back of the inscribed tree doesn’t mention the name of the dog.
This marker sits next to the Victorian dog marker.

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