Lott Cemetery-Waycross, Georgia

William F. Beach, (1850-1904)

Lott Cemetery was established in 1877 as the city cemetery for Waycross. It is a one-block-by-one block cemetery named for Dr. Daniel Lott, one of the founders of Waycross. Many of the city’s founders are buried here.

For the size of the cemetery, it has one of the largest collections of Victorian monuments I’ve seen. The photos represent some of the markers in this small city cemetery. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.

Alice McRae, 1908-1913
James Beach, 1879
Bas-relief marker for Wooston Johnson, (1897-1913)
Infant Daughter Benton
Noel Lary, 1854-1890. The hand reaching from the sky to earth symbolizes that the earthly bonds are now broken.

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