Lafayette Cemeteries No. 1 & 2-New Orleans, Louisiana

Lafayette Cemeteries No. 1 and No. 2 are located in the Garden District part of New Orleans. Number 1 was the first municipal cemetery, and it was laid out in 1832. There are over 7,000 burials in 1,100 different tombs in a one-city block. Lafayette No. 1 is currently closed to the public as the city continues to stabilize the tombs and roadways. (These photos were taken in 2017.)

One of the avenues in the cemetery to assist with funerals and burials.
One of the mementos left on a family tomb in No. 1.
Scheu Family Tomb

Lafayette Cemetery No. 2 was opened in 1850. Like Lafayette No. 1, it is home to many family tombs and society tombs.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 2
Lafayette Cemetery No. 2
Lafayette Cemetery No. 2

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