Masonic Temple-Sandersville, Georgia

Erected in 1855-56 for the Masons inspired by the Parthenon, the Masonic Temple stood near Sandersville courthouse. Built of brick that was handmade by enslaved laborers, it survived Sherman’s troops. It was one of the only remaining buildings in the town. It was lost to fire in 1921.

Public domain photo: Mitchell, E. (1924). History of Washington county. Atlanta, Ga.: Byrd printing co..

Selma School House-Appling County, Georgia

According to the Rosenwald database at Fisk University, the Selma School was a two-teacher type school built for $1702.00.

This image is from the 1921 Fiftieth Annual Report of the Department of Education to the General Assembly of the State of Georgia.

Spring Creek Industrial School-Early County, Georgia

Even though the Rosenwald database confirms there were two Spring Creek schools in Early County, the dates listed don’t match with the date of the report. Since the database is incomplete, I am uncertain of where this is located. This is courtesy of a 1918 report on Georgia education.

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