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Omaha Methodist Church-Omaha, Georgia

According to the Stewart County website, this church was built in 1895. This means that it was one of the few buildings that survived the 1913 tornado that flattened most of Omaha. The church was built with a much taller tower, but it was shortened because it was hard to care for it. It once was crowned with a copper spire.

In 2000, the church was deeded to the last members of the church, Blanche and Floyd Morrison. Based on other photos I have seen online, this church was in disrepair. By the yard, the satellite dish, and the new fence, I believe this building is back in use. Whether it is a home, community center, or something else, it’s great to see such a beautiful structure have a second life.

Fitzgerald House-Omaha, Georgia

This Neoclassical Revival, known as the Walter Fitzgerald house, was built in 1914 after a 1913 tornado leveled most of the the town of Omaha. The town of Omaha was originally named Fitzgerald after being named after the Fitzgerald family, one of the founding families. At the time, they didn’t know there was another Fitzgerald in Ben Hill County, so they had to rename their town. Town legend is that town leaders asked a visitor what to name it, and the visitor said to name it after Omaha, Nebraska.