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Mt Carmel Presbyterian Church- Mount Carmel, South Carolina

McCormick County

Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church sits atop a small hill in Mount Carmel, South Carolina. It creates a picturesque view along the road. The church was built in 1890, and the congregation used it until the 1950s.

Gabled Farmhouse-Mount Carmel, South Carolina

Based on the map in the National Register of Historic Places application, this home is a contribution property to the historic Mt. Carmel district. However, the map and the photographs don’t match up with the location of the house, so I can’t confirm the year the home was built.

Hopewell School-Clarks Hill, South Carolina

McCormick County

Built in 1926, the Hopewell School is a one-teacher type Rosenwald School. It was built for $1800. It was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.