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Maxeys Christian Church-Maxeys, Georgia

Founded in 1891, the church is located in Maxeys, Oglethorpe County.

Maxeys Country Store-Maxeys, Georgia

This building used to sit at the center of town in Maxeys, Georgia. Unfortunately, it burned a few months after I took this photo. The Winkles, the couple who ran the store, lived in the back. Mr. Winkle, a former mayor of the town, lost his life battling the fire which happened in January 2021.

Durham Apothecary and Museum-Maxeys, Georgia

This was the apothecary initially for Dr. Milledge Spencer Durham. Built in the early 1840s, Dr. William Meigs Durham took over next. His brother, Dr. John Lindsey Durham, worked with him for a bit in the office. William eventually sold the business to his cousins, Dr. Samuel Durham and Dr. William Orlando Durham.

Source: The Durham Doctors