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Jonesboro School-Jonesboro, Georgia

Clayton County

This is a heavily modified Rosenwald school in Jonesboro, Georgia. Built for $5325 in 1931, this served the community as a three-teacher type school. There has been some push from the community to restore the school. Based on what.I could assess, it was not in use.

Jonesboro City Cemetery-Jonesboro, Georgia

Clayton County
George T. Crawford, 1855-1886

Still, an active cemetery, the Jonesboro City Cemetery highlights a combination of Victorian monuments, handmade markers, and manufactured ones. It also illustrates that it was a segregated cemetery. The Black section sits at the back of the cemetery, and it has several markers showing men and women who were born into slavery but lived past the end of the Civil War.

“Resting till the resurrection.”
Clarence Stagger, 1979-2003
Martha Lee, 1841-1904