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Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery-Henderson, Georgia

The Shiloh Baptist Church cemetery is on the edge of the Henderson Community in Houston County. At one point, it was known as the Henderson Community Cemetery. The cemetery features some interesting markers and burial styles.

There were about a dozen plots utilizing the West African burial tradition of mounding. Based on the surrounding burials, I do not believe these were newer burials.
Mishom (?) Butts was buried with an Eldren Bailey marker.
Geppetto Montgomery, a concrete marker painted silver
There are no names on the ledger stones or the handmade marker.
Concrete marker painted with latex paint
This professionally made marker highlights that burials started during the Victorian years, and the age of the cemetery.

Baby in Half Shell Monument

Katie Lou Bell (1905-1905), Cleveland Cemetery

For approximately fifty years after the Civil War, a popular way to memorialize young children who had passed was a figure resting in a half shell. Prior to 1900, twenty-two percent of all children in the United States died before their first birthday.

The shell can represent a pilgrimage, spiritual protection, and innocence. Using those meetings, it makes sense this became a symbol for child graves.

Wealthier families would employ sculptors to make one that represented their child. Poor families, who wanted their children memorialized, adopted the shell as a way to mark graves when Sears Roebuck offered them in their catalog.

Here is a great academic article about these monuments by Annette Stott.

Cinderella Cooper (1885-1887), Evergreen Cemetery
Harry (1886-1892) and Nellie (1888-1892) Roberts, Kennesaw City Cemetery
April Lee Porterfield (1975-1988), McDonough City Cemetery
Ruby Colley (1899-1890), Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery