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The Story of Julia Legare-Edisto Island, South Carolina

The graveyard next to the Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island is the location of one of South Carolina’s most famous ghost stories. The story is shared that at 22, Julia Seabrook Legare died of diphtheria and was buried in her husband’s family tomb. A few years later, her brother passed away, and when they opened up the tomb, a pile of bones was found inside of the tomb. The belief was that Julia had been buried alive. Hence, this is why there is no door on the tomb today.

I love a good ghost story, but I also like thoughtful debunking. Writer Jaime Rubio dove deep into the family records of the Seabrook and Legare families to determine that there is limited truth to the story, but it is a ghost story that continues to be perpetuated.

Presbyterian Church-Edisto Island, South Carolina

The front facade of the church is largely unchanged.

Established in the 1680s, the Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island is one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in the country. The current church building was built in 1831 and has largely stayed the same in its almost 200-year history.

The church’s graveyard contains graves as old as 1787. The headstones illustrate this long history ranging from slate markers to more modern granite ones. The most famous burial is Julia Legare.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Some of the lovely ironwork is draped with Spanish moss.
One of several obelisks in the cemetery. The torches pointing downwards represent a life “snuffed out” or ended.
Cornelia Adelaide Seabrook, d. 1856-The symbol with the child riding on the back of an angel means the child heading towards heaven.